Urdu Poetry and Poets


Poetry is the expression of feelings, philosophies are given concentration by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature. Poetry is defined as “a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion regarded as characteristic of poems” It’s the expression of feelings and the beauty of a lovely person who is very close to your heart. Most poets describe the appearance and beauty of lips, face, hair, color relating it with nature, color, and other natural stuff. Poetry is considered an art, Poetry may outdate literacy itself. In prehistoric and earliest societies poetry was used as a method to record cultural events or tells stories. Poetry is among the earliest records of most cultures with poetic fragments found on monoliths, rune stones, and steal. In the early day’s poetry was written symbolically then it’s transferred on stones, leaves, and on trees.

اردو ہے جس کا نام ہمیں جانتے ہیں داغؔ
ہندوستاں میں دھوم ہماری زباں کی ہے
urdu hai jis ka nam hamin jaante hain ‘dagh’
hindostan mein dhum hamari zaban ki hai
نہیں کھیل اے داغؔ یاروں سے کہہ دو
کہ آتی ہے اردو زباں آتے آتے

سلیقے سے ہواؤں میں جو خوشبو گھول سکتے ہیں
ابھی کچھ لوگ باقی ہیں جو اردو بول سکتے ہیں
وہ عطر دان سا لہجہ مرے بزرگوں کا
رچی بسی ہوئی اردو زبان کی خوشبو
بشیر بدر
وہ کرے بات تو ہر لفظ سے خوشبو آئے
ایسی بولی وہی بولے جسے اردو آئے
احمد وصی


بات کرنے کا حسیں طور طریقہ سیکھا
ہم نے اردو کے بہانے سے سلیقہ سیکھا
منیش شکلا
وہ اردو کا مسافر ہے یہی پہچان ہے اس کی
جدھر سے بھی گزرتا ہے سلیقہ چھوڑ جاتا ہے
عجب لہجہ ہے اس کی گفتگو کا
غزل جیسی زباں وہ بولتا ہے
اردو جسے کہتے ہیں تہذیب کا چشمہ ہے
وہ شخص مہذب ہے جس کو یہ زباں آئی
روش صدیقی
شستہ زباں شگفتہ بیاں ہونٹھ گلفشاں
ساری ہیں تجھ میں خوبیاں اردو زبان کی
فرحت احساس
اردو کے چند لفظ ہیں جب سے زبان پر
تہذیب مہرباں ہے مرے خاندان پر
اشوک ساحل
میری گھٹی میں پڑی تھی ہو کے حل اردو زباں
جو بھی میں کہتا گیا حسن بیاں بنتا گیا
فراق گورکھپوری
ابھی تہذیب کا نوحہ نہ لکھنا
ابھی کچھ لوگ اردو بولتے ہیں
اختر شاہجہانپوری
شہد و شکر سے شیریں اردو زباں ہماری
ہوتی ہے جس کے بولے میٹھی زباں ہماری
الطاف حسین حالی
سیکڑوں اور بھی دنیا میں زبانیں ہیں مگر
جس پہ مرتی ہے فصاحت وہ زباں ہے اردو
ہاں مجھے اردو ہے پنجابی سے بھی بڑھ کر عزیز
شکر ہے انورؔ مری سوچیں علاقائی نہیں
انور مسعود
In the pre-historic days, Poetry is transformed into one form or another, poetry has been around for thousands of years. However, we might ponder the classic poem as the first instance of poetry, appearing as early as the 20th century B.C. jumping hundreds of years ahead, we might turn, then, to the sonnet form and its early appearance in the 13th century.

Poetry is common worldwide as every language spoken by manhood has in it some poetic elements. Interestingly, though languages differ significantly in the manner of manifestation, the nature of poetic expression remains common representing that poetry is more of a human phenomenon rather than a syntactical expression. From the expression of love for a woman to revolution against an establishment, poetry carries in it an element of delicacy and naturalness—something created by the surroundings of the poet. To understand a great poet, therefore, we must first look into his mind and his wakefulness of the environment exterior. Since Ghalib (an Urdu Poet), undoubtedly the greatest poet of Urdu language, expressed himself mainly through his writings of love sonnets, it is imperious that we examine the art of love sonnets, the language they are written in, and the environs that prompted these writings to understand how Ghalib became a master of this genre.

In Urdu poetry, most of the famous poets are from the South Asia region of India like Dehli, as the Urdu language is considered as a combination of multiple languages. The Urdu language is influenced by Turkish, Arabic, and Persian flourished in the 14th and 15th centuries. Urdu produces many famous poets in that region.

  • Amir Khusro
  • Bande Nawaz
  • Mira Bai
  • Wali Deccani
  • Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib
  • Mir Taqi Mir
  • Meer Dard

These poets were the early poet of the Urdu language, and then there is a huge list of poets from the 14th century to on word having millions of Urdu poetry in its line. It was our first attempt to collect the Urdu data on the one mind poetry website. You will get all Urdu poetry, the best Urdu poetry on this website. Sad Urdu poetry and Love Urdu poetry are the main parts of this website.

Urdu The Language of Pakistan:

On the 14th of August 1947, Pakistan came into being on the world map after the separation from the united India empire by British rule. After the separation, Pakistan Declare Urdu it’s National Language. Considering Urdu as a national language it’s passed by law, officially to put its official language. All the official documents were printed and signed in Urdu, But after 1971 then English was considered the official language to connect the International community terms with Pakistan. Now Pakistan gains the rank of Urdu Language influencer as Pakistan produces many new poets, writers, and novelists. Pakistan Film and Drama Industry worked a lot in the early-mid 80s. New Writer and poets were given chances to present their literature to the audience. here is a list of the famous poets of Pakistan in the Urdu language.

  • Allama Muhammad Iqbal
  • Pir Naseer-uddin-Naseer
  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  • Ahmad Faraz
  • Parveen Shakir
  • Saghar Siddiqui
  • Jaun Eliya
  • Amjad Islam Amjad
  • Ehsan Danish
  • Ibn e Insha
  • Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
  • Anwar Masood
  • Anwar Maqsood
  • Munir Niazi
  • JoshMali Abadi
  • Hafeez Jalandri
  • Habeeb Jalib
  • Zameer Jafri
  • Mohsin Naqvi
  • Jamal Ehsani
  • Abdul Latif Bhatai
  • Wasi Shah
  • Ali Zariyoon
  • Tehzeeb Hafi

The list will be also updated for complete Urdu Poets of Pakistan. It’s a combination of old and new but we will segregate it according to date of birth.